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Reuse v Recycle. Why we changed the Morfff packaging to better suit our values

I believe if you're going to put a physical product into the world then real consideration needs to be made into how it impacts the environment, especially when dealing with packaging.

When I launched Morfff, I had a box made that was your run-of-the-mill box, complete with polystyrene to help protect the concrete form inside. I hated that I was using polystyrene, and I wasn't really a fan of the box either, as once you were done it was no doubt put in the recycling — at best. All this concerned me, and so I began to rethink the packaging completely, with the aim of creating something better suited to our values.

This new box needed to be able to encourage reuse. Rather than throw it into recycling I wanted to create something that could be repurposed — a design to encourage you to house whatever you wanted. To that aim it needed to include only basic information on the box, so instead of being covered in type and imagery, there is only the Produced for Use logo blind embossed on the top. A yellow outer label gives you the Morfff details — easily covered up if you need to at some later date.

The box itself — created by Stitched Boxes in Sheffield, England — is a lovely thick grey board material, held together using metal stitches at either end. Utilitarian but very beautiful. This is a box which feels great to hold and feel.

Gone too is the polystyrene. Instead we now use a wonderful yellow crinkled paper, made from an FSC certified source, which actually does a better job of protecting the insides than the evil polystyrene.

This new reusable box is now shipping with all orders of Morfff. I hope you love it as much as I do. Take it and repurpose it however you see fit.