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The PFU Manifesto

The PFU Manifesto

1 – Never on sale. We price our products fairly, refusing to succumb to the pervading discount culture that seems to exist everywhere. Instead we try and create products of value, made for long lasting use.

2 – Work with local suppliers and craftspeople. Wherever possible we work with the best local craftspeople to help create products to be the best they can be.

3 – Sustainable. We like the idea of reuse before recycle. For example, our packaging for Morfff is deliberately designed to be used for anything you see fit rather than put in the bin or recycled.

4 – We’re in no rush. We are not interested in flooding the world with ill thought out, disposable objects. Instead we’re taking time to make things we believe deserve to exist.

5 – A love for tradition as well as the new. We’re interested in exploring the combination and interaction of the latest digital techniques together with traditional craft.