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I love to send letters. Having hand-written letters I pop into a box appear somewhere else in the world still amazes me. I equally love receiving letters but I have to say I don't love having those letters pile up. That's why I came up with Morfff — a letter holder made from code and concrete.

Using a purely coded process — I'm a big geek after all — Morfff's undulating form gently but firmly holds not just letters, but photographs, notes, lists, reminders, appointments, invitations and a whole lot more. The more you add to Morfff the more the items support each other.

Morfff is made in concrete — it's brutal but also tactile, smooth and I'd like to think beautiful. The underside features black felt to prevent surface scratches. Use it on a desk, in a hallway, in the home, in the office or anywhere else you want to create order from chaos.

Morfff — the letter holder made from code and concrete, Produced for Use.


Production Details 


Material: Poured concrete with felt base

Size: 158 x 50 x 72 mm

Weight: 333g

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